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We think about and solve the complex challenges to help you create, grow and protect your wealth & live your best life, so you don't need to!

Your Family Wealth

Prioritise you and your family's financial wellbeing by implementing a financial plan, structure your assets and investments to maximise returns and protect your assets in life and at death, reduce your debt, leverage other people money to create wealth, minimise your personal risks, compliance and tax

Your Business Success

Regardless of your business stage, leverage our team of business advisory experts to grow your business, transition to digital, leverage debt for growth, protect your assets, acquire and retain talent, gain insights and make better decisions, reduce your administrative burdens, minimise your tax and implement your exit strategy

What We Do

Accounting & Tax

Accounting & Tax doesn't need to be complicated. Join our growing number of clients who enjoy a proactive Tax Accountant with...

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Business Advisory

Use technology to drive efficiency and scale, gain fresh prospectives to grow your business and reach your goals with confidence.

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Is there a better way to meet your bookkeeping obligations? There sure is! Eliminate costly bookkeeping errors, reduce the time and...

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Business Start-Up

Setup your Business or Investment Trust with the right structures and rules to achieve the best tax effective and asset protection outcomes..

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Digital Solutions

Digital transformations, business systems, automation, websites and digital marketing solutions...

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Lending Solutions

In need of business loans, asset finance or personal and home loans? We have loan solutions...

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HR & Recruitment

A small business depends on great people much more than a large company does. Your staff represent your business...

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Estate Planning

Protect your family's assets during life and after death. Succession, estate planning & asset protection solutions...

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Financial Planning

Have big dreams? Create, grow and protect your family wealth and live your best life. OnVenture’s unique approach to financial planning...

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Leverage Our Cloud Technology Expertise

A professional services firm which was born in the cloud is able manage your digital transition and challenges unique to your business and position you for success


Architects, Consultants, Creatives, Engineers & IT Service businesses can leverage technology, industry knowhow and bookkeeping mastery to reduce low value admin time, grow profits & improve cashflow


Cafes, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs, any Hospitality business can leverage technology, industry knowhow and bookkeeping mastery to reduce low value admin time, grow profits & improve cashflow


Retail, Wholesale & E-commerce based businesses regardless of sub industry can leverage technology, industry knowhow and bookkeeping mastery to reduce low value admin time, grow profits & improve cashflow


Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Transport Co's any services business can leverage technology, industry knowhow and bookkeeping mastery to reduce low value admin time, grow profits & improve cashflow

Our Technology Partners

Bryan Garrard

CEO & Founder

Create, Grow & Protect Your Wealth & Live Your Best Life

Every day we speak to hard working business owners and property investors who have setup the wrong structures to effectively grow and scale their business and wealth, protect their assets in life and in the event of incapacitation or death, minimise their tax and improve their returns. It’s often not their fault, they relied on advice from their accountant or lawyer who are unfortunately unconsciously incompetent and think a standard discretionary trust and basic wills are the solutions to all things!

Additionally, many of these same people use outdated debt structuring strategies for their home and investments resulting in home loans taking far too long to be paid off and lost opportunities to leverage other people’s money to reduce interest, minimise your tax and build the wealth and financial security most of us only dream about.

Many business owners are often buried by the day-to-day tasks and challenges, struggle with underperforming businesses and due to the fear of failure procrastinate and don’t focus their energy on what really counts.   Many people, in business or not, sense something isn’t right, see others forging ahead and fear missing out but find themselves wondering without taking action. 

Are you protecting your business and family’s wealth?  If you are the director of your company or Trustee, what happens if you become incapacitated or die? Who legally can take control of your business, deal with the ATO, banks, business partners etc or your investments? Most often no one without expensive supreme court intervention. If that’s not eye opening enough, given more than 50% of deceased estates now end up with family provisions claims, how do you avoid your business, the value of your assets, your legacy, being held up in your deceased estate while being whittled down by lawyers’ fees defending family provisions claims? What a gift to leave your loved ones! The best time to take control of your finances is today.

As a professional services group of accountants, business advisors, tax specialists, succession and estate planners, financial planners, mortgage brokers, property experts, lawyers, and IT wizards, we are focused on delivering the type of business advisory and family back office and advisory board solutions only available in the past to the incredibly wealthy and most financially astute.

Regardless of where you are, starting up, growing, or planning your exit and retirement, we can optimise your situation and formulate a solution which meets you and your family needs and dreams, maximise your return on your investments and hard work, truly protect your assets and secure your family legacy.

Have a chat with Bryan today to begin your journey towards business success, financial freedom and living your very best life, and like so many of our clients, look back on your meeting with OnVenture as the first step towards real success and financial confidence.

Why Choose Us

As tech savvy Tax Accountants and business consultants we have a wealth of experience and best practice industry solutions which clients leverage to achieve their goals, turn challenges into opportunities, grow and prosper. We do the day to day compliance things as good as anyone but there are four key areas we outperform other service providers in.

Focused On Your Success

OnVenture is a professional services group and your team of business, tax, estate planning, finance and private wealth experts helping you understand your financials and risks, improve your business, minimise your tax, mitigate life's risks and ultimately grow and protect your family wealth.

Cloud Solution Specialists

As a firm created and maintained in the cloud we are masters in cloud solutions! OnVenture are Xero and add-on solution specialists helping hospitality, retail, professional services and trades businesses choose and implement the best software and processes that meet your specific needs.

Predicable Fixed Fees

Avoid bill shock with our predicable fixed fees! Clients enjoy our once off or monthly fixed fee plans to avoid nasty surprises and to have confidence everything is completed to an agreed budget.

Unlimited Support

Bookkeeping and accounting plans can include unlimited accounting software, bookkeeping and tax advice so you have whatever advice you need to manage your business without worrying about the cost.

Our Happy Customers

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